Back to School Blues

Senior year has finally arrived. And as I sit here post workout listening to Jamilah Woods thinking of my best friend, I could sit here and write how loaded my schedule is, how stressed I know I will become, how my email is overcapacity, and I’m overly anxious when I think of graduate school essays and recommendations on top of presenting at national conferences. Key … Continue reading Back to School Blues

Keep a Cool Booty

I am easily drained. I learned this in Argentina, and relearned it in Philadelphia. When I was younger, I fueled myself with social interactions, it kept me level headed, and gave me energy when I needed it most. I was enthralled with meeting and getting close to new people. Then I turned 20 and these things changed. Today, I refuel my spirit speaking to those … Continue reading Keep a Cool Booty

For the 3C girl that wants more definiton

By now, you may notice that my natural hair journey has been one of constant improvement, experiment, enlightenment, and overall time consumption. Weekly, it seems like I’m cracking a code thats nearing me closer and closer to my intended result. Just last week, I invested in a new product  that I thought could ease all my naturalista/ wash and go pains. I wanted the maximum amount … Continue reading For the 3C girl that wants more definiton

August Calendar Challenge

Georgia O’Keefe || Sun Water Maine happy august! a friend of mine told me about this calendar that she found on a blog she follows called SarahnSays, and I thought that doing this challenge would be a great way to remind myself to be more intentional about how I spend my days + energy this month. Today’s challenge is to maintain a positive attitude throughout… Continue reading August Calendar Challenge

Brwngrlz: Customer Appreciation Post

To know me is to know the one thing I love more than big hair, is big earrings. If it’s funky, bright, or at all reminiscent of the 80s-90s, most likely I own it. Typically this is due to excessive thrifting on a frugal budget, but this summer I had to splurge on some earrings that caught my eye via a snapchat preview. Brwngrlz is an … Continue reading Brwngrlz: Customer Appreciation Post